Do Not Not Get Things Done

It seems like I’ve read a zillion blog posts on:

  • How to get things done
  • How to quit being lazy
  • How to get/be motivated
  • How to stop procrastinating

For me, one thing that’s helped has been to stop thinking “I need to get X accomplished,” and rather try to make a point to not not get things done.


As humans, we’re risk adverse. We don’t like to fail. Failure is bad.

Telling myself I need to ensure I don’t fail (i.e. I need to make sure I do not not get things done) is more motivating than thinking about the positive benefits of completing a given task.

What? I thought intrinsic motivation was more powerful than extrinsic motivation? Shouldn’t I do something because I want to do something?

Word. I use this line of thinking for things I don’t want to do. For things I want to do, where I’m intrinsically motivated, I don’t think twice about it. I don’t need any motivation or prodding to watch a basketball game (when I have time). But I do have to work up motivation to clean databases (or dishes, for that matter).

Does it really work? 

Not always. Sometimes other stuff gets in the way of productivity: being tired due to lack of sleep, lacking energy from not eating, worrying about details, outside distractions, etc. This line of thinking is just one thing I’ve found that helps.

Who I Am

Hi. I’m Josh Thatcher.

I worked at a startup called Prolifiq.

  • I helped manage the relationship with one of Prolifiq’s key customers.
  • Data-driven communication is what I spent the majority of my time doing.
  • I occasionally contributed to our company blog.

I went to school at Washington State University. 

  • BA in Digital Technology and Culture.
  • Graduated summa cum laude w/ 3.93 GPA, met a lot of cool people, and got to work on lots of fun projects.
  • More about work/school on LinkedIn.

I enjoy watching, debating, and analyzing basketball.

  • Born in Oregon–always been a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers.
  • Moderator and occasional contributor to
  • I enjoy talking about most any sport, though. @JT_90 on Twitter.